the reason for the inexplicable success of Steam that reaches its last chapter

As we have told you on other occasions, there are times when one does not understand exactly why some games are successful when you think they are not prepared to even earn it, and why others go unnoticed when, apparently, they have all the ingredients to mark an era. Y Rafting He belongs to the first group… and if you haven’t heard of him, he’s been fighting for almost five years on the Steam store.


Do you fancy being a castaway?

Rafting is a game that It first arrived on Steam in May 2018. with a version early access you already know what it means: it is a release playable but it is missing practically all the contents that, with the passing of the months (and years in this case), will make up the final title. Well, that definitive launch took place last June with the final chapter, but even then, without knowing how, it was able to attract more than 100,000 concurrent players around it. So we are going to look for the reason for a game that, if you see it, does not seem to have too many ingredients to survive in that jungle that is the Valve store.

And the first of those reasons is that It is focused on an audience that has grown a lot in recent years how is he who loves the genre of survival. Do it under any circumstance: on an island with dinosaurs, in an underwater wasteland without tools or with a loincloth and a stick walking through a dense jungle. Rafting what it does is change those scenarios for the sea, where it allows us to survive with a kind of raft that we must later grow and evolve.

This game not only mixes the resource management part, which we must collect, take to our floating platform and create almost a mobile city that sails the seas, but also we will have to face the dangers that come from the depths And, of course, the ones with the most teeth and the worst reputation are, without a doubt, sharks. Those animals that actually barely kill four people a year (less than dolphins) but that have earned themselves being the incarnation of evil in the oceans.

The multiplayer, key

It is obvious that with the previous wickers Rafting they do not serve by themselves to make their way so solidly within Steam. There has to be something else. Y that plus comes from the hand of multiplayer, which has been the multiplier of its success. Because we won’t be the ones alone who have to maintain or make our platform bigger, but we will be able to achieve it together with our colleagues, in game sessions that can last for hours and hours. It is that function that has reported to Rafting all the relevance acquired since 2018 on Steam, and the one that has magnified its influence within the genre of survival.

Rafting It’s already a full release. without early access or anything bagpipes so you can enjoy it with its latest chapter on Steam at a price that, on top of that, you have reduced for these dates. Try it (with friends, yes) and tell us, but if survival games attract you enough, you are going to enjoy it like few others. Word.

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