The reason why Jailbreaking is not recommended

If you have an iPhone, chances are you’ve heard of the term jailbreak. This process try to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple to be able to install any software not authorized by the company. However, this may pose some risks. In this post we tell you what they are.

Each new version of iOS, Apple’s operating system, forces hackers to come up with a new way to gain full access to the company’s terminals, a vicious circle in which those of Cupertino fight to end the errors and hackers to find them. But all that glitters is not gold, since jailbreaking the iPhone can also bring us some problems like the ones we are going to counter next.

The problems you may face

The jailbreak takes advantage of a vulnerability in iOS to be able to get full control of the iPhone. To do this, software specifically designed to gain privileges is used, which could do more than you think and make it easier to access the information on your iPhone. an expert hand could introduce any type of malicious code on your iPhone, which could access your accounts, photos, bank cards linked to your device. This is one of the most important points why you should not jailbreak iPhone. It is true that iOS has restrictions, but it also offers you some security that is broken by this release. Once the jailbreak is done, you are not going to leave it as it is, that’s for sure. Surely you will take full control of your device to install new tweaks and add-ons for your iPhone just unlocked. With the jailbreak, there is no security filter. There’s you, your iPhone, and the developer who created what you’re installing.

jailbroken iphone

If you were wondering, the jailbreak does break the warranty, but the process of restoring it to its initial state is so simple that it is very rare that you will have any problems. If your iPhone is already out of warranty, this may not be a problem for you anymore. However, if for any reason you are unable to restore the software and need to take your iPhone in for service, Chances are you won’t be covered by warranty.. Keep this in mind before jailbreaking because if you can’t fix it, you’ll have to pay to have it fixed.

Jailbreak users usually have to wait a few weeks for a hacker to submit their tool to “jailbreak” your device, so you will always have to wait longer than the rest to enjoy the latest news in iOS. It is another disadvantage of this

The RAM of the iPhone is not much less enormous, since Apple has always squeezed the hardware of its products according to what the operating system needs. With the jailbreak you will need a lot more RAM to support that cool theme you just installed and to support the 5 notification center tweaks that have your device memory saturated.

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