The reasons why iMessage is not successful in Spain

There are many applications that Apple develops for all users of its different computers. The vast majority of them are widely used, however, there is one with which Apple has not managed to completely seduce the Spanish public, this is iMessage. That is why in this post we are going to tell you what are the reasons why, in Spain, this application is hardly used.

Whatsapp and Telegram are a tough competition

If you are reading these lines and still do not know what iMessage is all about, we will tell you quickly. It is the app with which Apple enables all users of its different teams be able to communicate completely free of chargethat is, through iMessage you can exchange messages with other people who also have Apple equipment and you won’t have to pay a single euro for it.

Obviously this is not something new, and surely, one of the reasons why this app has not caught on among the Spanish public is due to the wide variety of messaging applications for iPhone that exist on the market and, above all, because of the very fast onboarding and adoption of WhatsApp first, and later Telegram, as applications to be in contact with other people.

iPhone Messaging Apps

In addition, there is a point that works against Apple, and that is that iMessage is also the app where all users who have an iPhone receive your text messages. This has made many people unaware that this app is not just their phone’s message folder, but also serves to communicate for free with other users who have Apple devices, leading many people to think that if they sent a message through this app, they were going to be charged as text messages between different phones have always been charged.

Android is partly to blame

Another factor that irremediably affects iMessage not being a widely used application in Spain is the number of users who do not use Apple devices and yes Android. iMessage is not available in this operating system, so if you want to make a group in the Apple app to communicate with your friends, and some of them do not have an iPhone, this would be left out.

Obviously, with alternatives such as WhatsApp or Telegram where anyone, regardless of the brand or manufacturer of their device, can download the application and establish communication with other users, it is very difficult once people have established a communication routine through one app, switch everyone to another, even if everyone in a particular group has an iPhone.

WhatsApp Apps

This, for example, does not happen in the United States, since Apple’s market share is much higher than here in Spain, so it is much more common to meet thousands of people who use this app daily to talk and communicate with each other. However, that does not mean that in Spain there are no users who use it, without going any further, a server uses this app daily to talk to their loved ones, but the reality is that iMessage has a long way to go to be capable of seducing even the users of Apple equipment.

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