The redesigned 30-inch iMac won’t arrive in 2021

iMac 24 inch

The arrival of the new 24-inch iMac suggested that this year we would see the new 30-inch iMac in Apple stores, but this is fading as the days go by. We are on November 15 and from what we are seeing on the network there are no rumors about the new Apple equipment, so we do not expect them to arrive until next year. In principle it is not clear if Apple will be able to launch the new equipment during the first half of the year, it is possible that or not.

All this is something that is due to a greater extent to the shortage of products and raw materials. We can not say that Apple has too many problems in terms of products for the holidays, but logically like the rest of companies and manufacturers, it has a lack of stock.

What is clear is that the chips that Apple uses for the new MacBook Pros can be mounted on the new 30-inch iMac. At the moment not even the 24-inch that we already have available in stores are compatible with these new processors, but It is to be expected that the new 30-inch iMac will add them or at least allow the option of equipping them. And it is that the current iMac except for the new 24-inch color models (launched in May of this 2021) are lagging behind in the updates.

We will see the time it takes Apple to launch these new iMac and if they finally arrive for the first months of next year (minimum March) or wait a little longer. In short, the important thing is that the iMac range is somewhat lame with the release of the iMac Pro catalog and the non-update of the 27-inch iMac.

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