The redesigned large iMac is on the way with these features

Apple recently launched a new 24 “iMac with an M1 chip, still leaving the 27” model with Intel processors. It is known to all that Apple is working on the renewal of this latest model, something that Mark Gurman has confirmed again at Bloomberg. In the new note that he has published, he specifically mentions that computer, of which we can already intuit several of its characteristics.

A bigger screen: one of its main changes

In this report, Gurman has reflected on the increased display of the new iMac M1. This happened to have a 21.5-inch screen to a 24-inch screen. If this same logical line is continued, it is possible that we will finally see an increase in size in the 27-inch model. It is difficult to imagine an iMac with a larger screen but it is certainly possible that it will be seen in this renovation. This information corresponds to other reports that Apple had been working on a larger iMac, but had to stop development to focus on the newly released 24-inch model.

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Facing the user, have a screen larger than 27 inches it is something that can be very useful. Video or photo editing programs require a large screen to work comfortably. In the market you can find numerous external monitors that reach up to 32 inches in diagonal. This means that Apple can go on to have this screen system. We must remember that the model that is currently on the market was launched in 2020 and that is why it can end up reaching the end of its production. The release date could be at the end of the month with the renewal of the MacBook Pro that is also being rumored.

Internal improvements in the new iMac

In addition to the increase in the screen, which would be the highlight, other relevant changes would also be seen. One of them is the processor itself, which would not be the M1 chip that is currently integrated in all renewed Macs. Because more information would have to be moved to have a much higher resolution. This would cause Apple to finally include the upgrade of the M1 chip to an M1X or M2. This would offer a much higher performance in both CPU and GPU, and more seeing the comparison with the Intel that are included right now.

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The general redesign would also be one of its main features, becoming much thinner. I would be left with a similar design to 27 “iMac That has certainly impressed many people. In addition, the reports are committed to the inclusion of studio quality microphones, very aimed at all professionals. But as we have commented previously, all this is simple rumors of leakers. The official information can surely be seen at an event in October or November, starting mass production in the third quarter of the year.

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