the release of future Intel GPUs postponed until spring

Intel Arc graphics cards were expected in Q1 2022, but those who want to integrate them into a desktop PC will have to wait until Q2 or even Q3.

The release of future Intel Arc GPUs is sure to be one of the highlights of the year; all hardware buffs are eager to discover the fruit of Intel’s work on this segment which it is not really familiar with. On the other hand, some customers will have to wait a little longer than expected.

Indeed, in its latest Technology Roadmap, the founder specified the release schedule for these cards. He confirms that the very first Arc cards on the market will actually be available very soon, from Q1 2022. However, this only concerns a portion of the market, namely notebooks produced by third-party manufacturers.

On the other hand, the cards themselves, which players can buy to integrate them into their machine, will be released a little later. To get your hands on this completely new kind of credit card, you will therefore have to wait at least until April 1, and at worst until July 1… unless there is a new postponement.

A model workstation scheduled for Q3

Intel also distinguishes between the model designed for desktops and a second version, apparently designed for workstations. Will it just be a more powerful version of the same card? It’s entirely possible. But Intel could also prepare a model built on different bases, and optimized for work rather than for play. However, we will have to wait for the founder to unveil the entire range to see more clearly.

What we already know, however, is that these GPUs will be entitled to a nice range of features. It starts with hardware specifically and physically dedicated to raytracing, much like NVIDIA does on its RTX graphics cards. These cards will also be able to perform mesh shading and variable rate shading operations. The icing on the cake: they will be delivered with what could very briefly be described as the equivalent of DLSS. Indeed, Intel has designed an AI-based oversampling system that looks quite promising and which we can’t wait to discover.

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Succession is already on the way

Finally, Intel also split two other very interesting announcements. In the same press release, Intel slipped a discreet mention to its Project Endgame. Nothing to do with the Avengers; here is a system that will allow users to access any Arc GPU from the internet, all with low latency. A concept that could change the lives of gamers, but also and above all of researchers and other professionals who depend on high-performance computing on a daily basis.

Finally, the blue stable has confirmed that it is already working on the Battlemage generation cards, the second series of Arc GPUs. But above all, Intel announced the existence of a third generation, called Celestial. These cards will be designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users, and we therefore expect real little powerhouses. But the release of these new generations is still far from topical; at this time, no date has been announced. Let’s start by discovering the first generation next spring!

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