The reselling business also affects the desired Steam Deck

The privilege of being one of the first

Valve announced that its new Steam Deck It would be available from December of this year, however, the high demand has caused the company to adjust delivery times by moving them until the first quarter of 2022. This means that those who were able to complete the reservation while the date was still December will receive it this year, but those who took longer will have to wait a few more months until the brand has more units ready.

And who has been able to get one of the first units? Well, in addition to the fans and enthusiasts of the product, we find many speculators who only seek to obtain an economic benefit by the simple fact of moving a box. And you just have to go through eBay to verify that many of those who reserved the console only did so to immediately put it on sale for more than double its original price.

Steam Deck Ebay

Thus, they could recover the money invested and would be able to buy another unit later with the extra money obtained when the stock was restored. These horrible practices are very common in limited edition devices and products. It is something very common in sports shoes, and it was not going to be less in consumer electronics products with high demand and shortage of stock, especially now with the difficult times that we live with the low availability of some chips.

Has Valve tried to avoid this?

Valve assured that it would do everything possible to avoid this type of practice, but beyond limiting one purchase per user, little else can be done, hence the problem continues to occur. The offers that can be found on eBay border on the absurd, since we can find some for $ 1,400, not to mention one that places the console reservation in the $ 6,464, probably to get attention and accept some much lower offer.

What if I want a Steam Deck?

Valve Steam Deck

At this time the official website of the Steam Deck continues to allow to reserve units, but as we mentioned, shipments would not be made until the first quarter of 2022. The units that are being sold on eBay (most of them) are part of the first batch, so those consoles would arrive in December, hence the high price that some propose, taking the level of exclusivity of the console through the air. If you are really thinking of acquiring any of these units for double the price, our recommendation is that you do not feed this bad practice, or else we will never be able to get gadgets at their official price.

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