The reservations of the new Apple Watch Series 7 start

Finally the day arrived and for a few minutes that Apple watches can now be reserved on the company’s website and other authorized resellers. In this sense, the reservations as always started a little later than the scheduled time, which was 2:00 p.m., but this usually happens quite frequently lately at Apple.

The Cupertino signature delayed the start of the reserves for a long time. Many users were impatient for the beginning of the same and now we can say that they began to gradually stabilize the product stock. Apple Watch Series 7 there are many models and the good pace of bookings will leave those who take longer to reserve out of stock and without a watch.

Sales start with lack of stock

Shipping delays will undoubtedly be another headache for those who want to buy an Apple watch. At the moment (while we are writing this article) we are going on the web some models that They keep setting delivery dates for next week but this will surely change as the hours go by.

Logically, it was expected that they did not have stock of all the models for many hours on the official website of Apple, and not because of the high demand for these, rather because of the shortage of available models. In any case, surely the quantities of Apple Watch Series 7 sold are high. Now It remains to be seen the delay in shipping times that those who have not arrived on time will suffer. during the first hours of reservation start.

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