The return of Jon Stewart to television by the hand of Apple TV +, will be in September

It seems that September will be a month with a large number of premieres on Apple TV +. In the previous article, I comment on the date of one of the most anticipated series on Apple TV +, Fundación, which will premiere in September, although the specific date is unknown at the moment.

Journalist Jon Stewart, will also return to television, after retiring in 2015, the same month of September, although at the moment it is also unknown what the date will be. The date has been made known through an internal mail from Apple to which various media have had access.

In this way, the news we published a few months ago is confirmed, in which Apple was targeting autumn for Jon Stewart’s return to television. Stewart’s program, dubbed The Problem with Jon Stewart, it will be a program that will only treat current news, in one-hour episodes where only one topic will be discussed.

Like other series available on Apple TV +, The Problem with Jon Stewart will have its corresponding podcast, where the topic covered in the related episode will be further explored.

At the moment, it seems that no periodicity has been established For this series, so we have 4 episodes in a month that we see an episode in 2 months! The format of this new series has all the earmarks of being very similar to Conversations with Oprah, but with more interviewees. It all depends on the actuality of the moment.

Jon Stewart, worked at Comedy Central for 20 years, in which won 20 Emmy Awards. The team for this new program is made up of 3 women: Brinda Adhikari, Chelsea Devantez and Lorrie Baranek. The format of this new show will not resemble the one it had on Comedy Central.

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