The return of the Witcher to Netflix already has a date on the calendar

We were looking forward to WitcherCon, an event that Netflix celebrates together with CD Project Red, because that meant that we would finally know the exact date of the return of The Witcher to Netflix in its second season. Something desired by many fans of the book series and the video games themselves. Although also, because we could be the The Witcher Season 2 First Trailer. So, let’s go to them.

First trailer for The Witcher, Season 2

The return of the witcher

After having seen the first preview, it is sure that it has already been clear to you when the highly anticipated will occur return of The Witcher to Netflix. The next December 17 It is when we can return to enjoy everything that the second season has prepared for us. Meanwhile, some details of what was seen in the first trailer.

The second season will pick up the action right where the first left off. That means it starts with Geralt de Rivia and Ciri togetherbut where are they going to go? Well, the sorcerer and the princess will go to the safest place he knows: Kaer Morhen.

There he will not only seek protection for her from the struggles that humans, elves, and demons are waging across the continent; He will also try to make it of that strange power that he possesses until he knows well what he is capable of.

During the trailer it is also seen how Geralt de Rivi continues to train and prepare himself, how he will have to face more dangers with Ciri and, finally, how Yennefer appears at the end of the same a little stunned still by the battle that had to fight.

With a total of eight episodes, exactly the same as the first season of The Witcher on Netflix, the names of all of them are revealed except for the last one.

  • The Witcher, Episode 1: A Grain of Truth
  • The Witcher, Episode 2: Kaer Morhen
  • The Witcher, Episode 3: What Is Lost
  • The Witcher, Episode 4: They Would Redar Intelligence
  • The Witcher, Episode 5: Your Black Turn
  • The Witcher, Episode 6: Dear Friend
  • The Witcher, Episode 7: Voleth Meir
  • Secret, yet to be revealed

The Witcher, Nightmare of the Wolf

Along with the trailer for the second season we could also see the advance of what will be the next animated film based on The Witcher and that will also be seen on Netflix. The title of this will be The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and the August 23, 2021.

In it, Vesemir will be introduced in more detail, a character that we will also see in the second season of the series and who is very important in both books and video games since he is Geralt de Rivia’s mentor.


If you missed the whole event, here are the two videos published and uploaded to YouTube so you can see it in detail. In them you will see all this that we have shown you and also some other thing that surely interests you if you are a fan of The Witcher. Because there will also be a DLC update for The Witcher 3 and next-gen consoles like PS5 and the new Xbox Series X and S.

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