The rights you have as an online buyer

Online commerce has completely changed the consumption habits of Spaniards. However, it is more important than ever not to lose sight of the fundamental rights of consumers to ensure that they are protected at all times.

The experts at Chollometro, the expert portal that brings together and shares the best offers and promotions in hundreds of online stores, review the main rights that every buyer You should keep in mind when shopping online:

Your data, always protected

All consumers have the right to know how and for what personal data is used that facilitate during an online purchase. In addition, companies are obliged to inform consumers about the existence of these personal data files, as well as guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data that is transferred.

Commonly, this information is usually collected in the sections of ‘Terms of use’ and ‘Privacy and Cookies Policy’. In recent years, many online businesses are simplifying the way they write and present this information to make it more understandable and affordable for all consumers.

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Know the conditions of purchase and guarantee of the seller

The seller has to specify the shipping costs before the purchase of the product, the purchase conditions and the stipulated delivery times. The delivery conditions must appear clearly detailed during the purchase process. If this is not the case, the user must be clear that the maximum delivery period for products purchased online is 30 days.

If the seller cannot meet this deadline, he is obliged to notify the consumer so that the buyer can choose if he wants to continue waiting for the order or if, on the contrary, he decides to cancel the operation at no additional cost. If the order is cancelled, the seller will have to return the corresponding money immediately. In case of default, the buyer could claim to be paid twice the proper amount.

In addition, it is important that when you receive your order you check that it is in good condition and that it complies with the description that appears on the web. If this does not happen, the consumer can exercise his right to the guarantee by requesting a refund of the money or the shipment of another product..

Avoid fraud and scams when you buy online

When making an online purchase, every buyer has the right to choose between the various payment options offered by the seller without including surcharges. There are many Internet pages that only allow transfers to deposits or use Western Union, two forms of payment that indicate that it may be a fraud because they have no return or traceability.

On the other hand, it is essential to check the HTTPS certificate, since it improves the privacy of users when browsing and prevents information from leaking. Finally, to guarantee the total security of the user when making online purchases, it is important that the seller’s page has the corresponding security certificate and that it is shown through a padlock that is usually located in the browser’s address bar.

Do not forget the right to return the product if you are not satisfied

Every consumer should be aware of the return options for products purchased online. If you want to return the product, there must be a legal withdrawal period of 14 days. In case this is not possible, the seller must indicate them in the sales process.

The legislation also protects the consumer in a special way when making online purchases since they have not been able to physically see the product at the time of purchase or when contracting the service.

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