The ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini keyboard is now available

A month has passed since ROCCAT, the manufacturer specializing in high-performance peripherals for the world of gaming, presented the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini, a keyboard that once again reminds us that great essences are found in small bottles , and that left more than one of us wanting to try it, because promises to deliver a top-notch gaming experience.

And the good news is that, as was anticipated at the time, we say goodbye to September celebrating its arrival on the market. and it is that the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini is now available both on its website and in the network of distributors that work with the brand. So, it is a good time to remember what this keyboard offers us, whose size saves an inversely proportional relationship with its performance and benefits.

Inspired, of course, by the original Vulcan, this Vulcan II Mini is of type 65%, that is, its size corresponds to 65% of that of a full format keyboard. Its dimensions are 324 x 116 x 31 millimeters, with a weight of only 542 grams, with the cable included. We talk about a opto-mechanical keyboard, marking the debut of the second-generation TITAN Optical Switches ROCCAT, which in addition to ultra-fast actuation provide very long-lasting durability, with a life cycle of 100 million keystrokes. TITAN II Optical Switches are compatible with most third-party keys, which will also allow us, if we wish, to customize it with new switches.

Another very interesting aspect of this Vulcan II Mini is found in the Dual LED Smart Key technology, which debuts on the market on this keyboard, and which has 30 multifunction smart keys with a second LED, complementary to the one on all the keys, and whose function is to offer players an immediate visual reference of whether the secondary functions are active . This will eliminate doubts and having to leave the game unattended to check if a function is active or not.

Dual LED Smart Key is complemented by EasyShift [+], another ROCCAT technology that allows the player to assign a second layer of functions to the keyboard, thus providing the user with the same functions that they would find on a full-size keyboard. These profiles can also be combined with custom LED lighting profiles, which, in addition to pleasing the eye, allow you to quickly identify which one is selected. We can store up to five of them in the internal memory of the keyboard.

«Improving our beloved Vulcan PC gaming keyboard design is always a tough gamble, but in the end it always ends up with a highly rewarding product like the Vulcan II Mini.said René Korte, Founder of ROCCAT and General Manager of PC Peripherals at Turtle Beach. «With the Mini, we are once again introducing and enhancing a range of innovative new features, now including the ability to customize items. The Vulcan II Mini is small in size but big on performance and personality.«.

The Vulcan II MINI is now available both on the manufacturer’s website, and its price is €149.99.

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