The Rock is going to be the star of a new film adapted from a video game, could it be Call of Duty?

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has announced that he will star in a new movie adapted from a video game. If he did not give the title, he nevertheless left some clues to put us on the way. A site claims that this mysterious project is none other than the Call of Duty movie.

Dwayne Johnson has already played in two films adapted from video games, Doom in 2005 and Rampage in 2018. The actor will soon add a third to his filmography. It could be from the movie Call of Duty.

During an interview given to Men’s Journal, the star talks about his training for his role in Black Adam (the next DC film) and in the turn of a sentence, he affirms that he is working on a new video game adaptation in movie, but gives no name :

“I can’t tell you what particular game we’re doing, but there will be an announcement this year. We’re going to bring the biggest, badass game to the screen. A game I’ve played for years (…). Of course, we are going to do things well for our gamer friends, but above all we are going to make a great film”.

The Rock in a Call of Duty movie?

The Rock lets the mystery hang and since then, internet users have been trying to guess which film it is. The Gears of War saga seems well placed. The actor is a fan of Xbox games, the term badass has often been associated with him and a film project has more or less already been announced a few months ago. But there is nothing to confirm it.

Some also see an adaptation of Mass Effect, but if a project is in the cards at Prime Video, it is a series, not a film. Other games were also mentioned: Fortnite, Halo, God of War…

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The Giant Freaking Robot site (not always reliable, far from it) claims that The Rock actually evokes the Call of Duty movie. If the idea of ​​a film had been raised by Activision a few years ago, it quickly fell into limbo. With the takeover of the license by Microsoft last month, this project could however return to the front of the stage. It only remains to see what a Caloffe film could offer more than a classic war film.

In any case, the bets are always open to have which big badass game will be adapted to the screen with the actor.

Source: GiantFreakingRobot

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