The royalty is bowing out, the Android 13 beta is becoming more democratic, this is the recap

The government has formalized the removal of the fee, the Android 13 beta is available on a larger number of smartphones, the signs that warn of speed cameras on the roads will be replaced, this is the recap.

TV license fee

If you missed the news of the day before, we have concocted a little recap of the biggest news. Admittedly, the day was marked by the future abolition of the audiovisual tax, but other news is just as notable. Android 13 in beta version arrives on various smartphones, while the signs that warn of speed cameras on French roads will disappear in favor of new indicators. Let’s go, let’s go for the recap of the day of May 11, 2022.

It smells like fir for TV royalty

After 89 years of existence, the State decided that it was time to put an end to the audiovisual license fee. From 2022, the famous tax should disappear. Really good news? Perhaps not for consumers or for professionals in the sector: it is unclear whether the government wants to purely and simply cancel it, or whether the much-maligned fee will be replaced by another tax.

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Goodbye radar panels, hello radar panels

5 years ago, Road Safety began to put up new signs warning drivers that a speed camera is present in the area in which they are. But until now, they were not deployed on a large scale. This will soon be done: throughout the territory, the old signs will be definitively replaced by new ones, which are clearer and easier to understand for those who do not speak French.

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Android 13 beta is available on more smartphones

If the Android 13 beta was currently reserved for Google Pixel users, new smartphones from competing brands are joining the ranks. Whether you have a Xiaomi 12, a Realme GT 2 Pro or an Oppo Find X Pro, you now have the opportunity to test the new version of the OS for smartphones and tablets. And these are not the only devices to be supported, there are others.

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