The RTX 4090 would be 2 times faster than the RTX 3090 Ti, it breaks all power records

With its upcoming high-end RTX 4090 graphics card, Nvidia may well be setting the bar high in terms of performance. It would be twice as fast as this year’s RTX 3090 Ti, and would reach 100 TFLOPs.

Nvidia GeForce RTX
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According to several leakers on Twitter, including @Greymon55 and @Kopite7kimi, the next Nvidia AD102 GPU that will be found in the RTX 4090 could deliver over 100 TFLOPs of FP32 compute performance, more than double that of an RTX 3090 Ti. In effect, an RTX 3090 Ti, the most powerful card on the market today, offers “only” 40 TFLOPs (trillion floating-point operations per second). For their part, the and Xbox Series X only offer 1 to 28 and 12.15 TFLOPs, respectively.

For those who don’t know, this number of floating point operations per second is a unit of measurement of the computing speed of a computer system. The larger this number, the more complex calculations the card performs.. Displaying objects on 3D software can therefore be much faster.

The RTX 4090 could knock out current-gen gaming

It is worth remembering that doubling the number of TFLOPS does not mean that the new graphics card will be able to obtain twice as many FPS as the current generation. TFLOPs are mostly a unit of measurement that determines the raw performance of the card. For example, developers will have more resources to develop even more realistic games.

It is not surprising to see the performance of the next Nvidia graphics cards soar, since the manufacturer intends to double the consumption of GPUs of the Ada Lovelace generation. Nvidia is even preparing another super-powerful GPU with an unprecedented consumption of 900 W.

Nvidia’s flagship GPU isn’t the only one set to see a dramatic increase in its TFLOP count. AMD’s RDNA3 GPUs are also expected to take a fairly similar leap forward. Leaker Greymon55 suggests that the RX 7900 XT graphics card could reach a frequency of 3 GHz and deliver at least 92 TFLOPs. We will probably have to wait several more months before knowing more about the next cards from the two manufacturers.

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