The RTX limiter to mine cryptocurrencies falls, what is 70/30?

They say “made the law, made the cheat” and so it seems to happen again when we talk about graphics cards, limitations and mining. If you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on GPUs, the least you want is to have them stopped or with a performance below 30%, since your investment will not be profitable. This will come inexorably, since Ethereum will go from POW to POS in not too long, which will eliminate the huge number of cards in between.

Non-lethal, but decisive NVIDIA knock-on effect for cryptocurrencies

What NVIDIA has done with RTX GPUs has been only a palliative measure to bring more models to gamers and not to miners, but this is something the company had. No driver restriction, no limited firmware or external software to slow it down, the system was going to crash one way or another sooner or later because there is a lot of money and investment at stake.

And so, it has been, in part at least. Major Ethereum and GPU mining software such as NBMiner and T-Rex have found a way to be really profitable and partially bypass NVIDIA’s limitation.

The system is simple: mine two different cryptocurrencies with a single GPU. Why do it like this and lose performance? Basically because the NVIDIA system is totally impassable for now and therefore it is not possible to extract and mine a cryptocurrency with 100% of the performance as in the past in the LHR range.

How does the NBMiner and T-Rex system work?


We all know that NVIDIA limited the use of its GPUs to 30% of the performance when using the main mining software, so these have been adapted so that users can extract 100% of the performance between two cryptocurrencies while further research on how to bring down the whole empire.

The percentages are divided into 70% for any other cryptocurrency such as Ergo, Ravencoin or Cornflux, while 30% goes to Ethereum. The problem that they are finding is the VRAM requirements, since mining two cryptocurrencies requires a lot of memory and this is invalidating GPUs like the RTX 3080 and below due to not having more VRAM.

Therefore, the NVIDIA limiter has fallen, not as many would like, but there is no longer a loss of 70% of the general power, but it is used in other cryptos to continue to make the investment. This is the first step to break the limitation without a doubt, but it may be late, at least for Ethereum.

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