The rumor about the Apple console gains strength again

In the middle of May, a rumor was born and we echoed it. That rumor indicated that it was likely that Apple could be working on a portable video game console. It was all based on a patent from three years ago. At that time the rumor seemed unlikely, but a few months later it comes back to the fray and already we have to start thinking that maybe it could become reality.

A new report again claims that Apple is working on a “premium hybrid gaming console.” In order to rival the Nintendo Switch and titles that could compete with the best Nintendo Switch games currently on offer. According to iDrop News, they claim that the Apple TV A14 that has also been widely rumored, “it’s actually the next game console that will rival the Nintendo Switch:

The new information I have obtained says that Apple is working on their version of a game console premium hybrid. Also, that the games that rival Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are almost ready to go.

Thoroughly analyzing the rumor, we have on the one hand that the design will be similar to the one existing on Nintendo Switch. Which will be based on Apple TV hardware. It is a hybrid console, that is, it will work at home and on the go. That you already have some game titles to be released with the console. In addition to all this, it is stated that this next Apple console will be able to benefit and be compatible with the new and future AR headphones from the American company.

Likewise, it is said that this console will have no rival in its segment because will feature the new Apple chip. The Apple Silicon, will make the console become premium but directed and destined to be used by everyone.

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