The rumors about the blood glucose test of the Apple Watch Series 8 return

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while about a new sensor that could incorporate a future Apple Watch series: a glucose meter. It would be the first device on the market to be able to measure blood sugar level non-invasively.

It would be made with an optical sensor, similar to the one already incorporated in the current Apple Watch to measure the pulsations and the level of oxygen in the user’s blood. It would be a revolution for the millions of diabetics around the planet. To this day it is only a rumor, but when the river sounds …

The rumor that the series 8 of next year’s Apple Watch, it will be able to measure blood glucose level, similar to how it currently does by measuring the oxygen level in the blood of the wearer who wears it on their wrist.

DigiTimes just released a report explaining that Apple and its vendors have begun work on new infrared sensors for short wavelength, a type of sensor commonly used in healthcare devices. These new sensors will allow the Apple Watch to measure the level of sugar in the blood of its user.

The reality is that there is still no electronic device on the market capable of non-invasively measuring blood glucose with an optical sensor, without having to “prick” the user. But as we already reported in its day, the component manufacturer Rockley photonics (Apple supplier, by the way), already has an optical glucometer in the testing phase.

So if the tests for said device are good, and Apple determines that they are reliable enough to be approved by international health organizations, it is very likely that Rockley Photonics shareholders will win the lottery, and that sensor will be incorporated. in the back of the Apple Watch Series 8. It will be the perfect excuse to renew my Series 6.

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