The Ryzen 5000 B2 surprise: less consumption and up to 5.1 GHz with OC!

There is no doubt that AMD has made a hit with the third iteration of its Zen architecture, which has shown that it can compete head-to-head with Intel without any fear and there is no doubt that they currently have the best architecture to use. expects Intel to roll out its twelfth generation. A few days ago we informed you how TSMC is already manufacturing the B2 version of some models of the AMD Ryzen 5000. Think of it as an optimized version in various points with respect to the original models, where only some of them have received this update: 5950X , 5900X, 5900, 5800X, 5800, 5600X, and 5700GE.

The Ryzen 5000 B2 are cooler and consume less


Well, the overclocker Shamino has put the B2 revision of the AMD Ryzen 5000 to the test, choosing for this the 12-core CPU, the Ryzen 9 5900X, under said stepping and after cooling it with water, he achieved reach 5.15 GHz in overclock, a speed that is not better than the previous one, but there is a series of data that it obtained that are interesting:

  • Generates 9 ° C less temperature than the B0 model and also consumes 30 W less.
  • The clock speed achieved in the Prime95 stress test with multiple cores it is 60 MHz higher.

So it can be said that AMD’s work on its Zen 3-based desktop CPUs has focused on optimizing their power consumption in its latest revision. For users, these improvements in the AMD Ryzen 5000 B2 have two meanings: on the one hand, more margin in the face of overclock potential and on the other, more reliable systems with a longer life.

The AMD Ryzen 6000 will be the CPUs with Zen 4

Komachi Ryzen 6000 Raphael

The other news comes from the Twitter profile of the news filter Komachi, who has dropped part of a LinkedIn profile that says the following:

Working on the product to bring the activities of AMD’s next generation Zen 4 mass processor, Ryzen 6000, also known as Raphael.

This means that in the event that Lisa Su’s company launches the presented Zen 3 with V-Cache a few months ago to the market within the Ryzen range, these will continue to be within the 5000 series. Although the big unknown here are the APUs Rembrandt. Since unlike its predecessors, Cezanne or Ryzen 5000U and 5000H, this time the change will not be in terms of CPU but in everything else, adding for the first time an integrated RDNA 2 GPU, but keeping a Zen 3 as the main core.

It would not make much sense to see a range of Ryzen 6000H or 6000U APUs based on Zen 3 and on the other hand a pure and hard CPU based on Zen 4. So it is possible that if the information is true, then it is possible that Rembrandt is sold as a Ryzen 5000. Although we cannot rule out, and this is playing pure speculation, that AMD has played Poker with the information and has an APU with Zen 4 cores instead of Zen 3 ready by 2022, which we doubt, but it is not impossible either.

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