The Sadness would be the most violent film of the year

Did you like All of Us Are Dead on Netflix? This is probably your next crush. The Sadness hits theaters on July 6. Trailer.

Zombies are popular. In line with Last Train to Busan, films of the genre invade the shelves of SVOD platforms, but also the programming of dark rooms. This summer, another feature film should traumatize spectators, since it promises to be the most violent film of the year. At least that’s what the lucky few who were able to discover it at genre film festivals, reports the German media Mann.TV. “A film that offers an extremely violent cinema that should leave behind all pain thresholds”.

After a year of battling a pandemic with relatively mild symptoms, one nation is finally letting its guard down. But this virus transforms and gives birth to a scourge that alters the mind. In the streets, the inhabitants of Taipei helplessly witness an unleashing of violence. Contaminated people turn into bloodthirsty killers and sexual perverts. It will be a question of following a young couple, who tries to find themselves in the middle of this health disaster.

Its director also explained in the podcast New Horror Express having written the film during the pandemic, when the situation was rather well managed in Taiwan. “They told me, if we make a film like that, we won’t have any competition. Because all other studios are closed. Let’s do something about the pandemic, a zombie movie that we can take to the next level.”

Shake up the codes

Moreover, its plot should free itself from what the genre has already offered us. This time the ghouls are not dead, but totally uninhibited. They knowingly engage in murder and sex crimes. A way no doubt to explore the human race through the prism of horror. “What’s funny is that in movies like that, there’s no remorse in killing them. But if you have people who think and talk, and who are just maniacs, you have to think twice about it”.

The trailer is available above, however, it is reserved for the informed public. If you’re not really a fan of bloodshed and mutilation, we advise you to go your way. For the bravest, go to the cinema on July 6 next. Until then, you can still find out All of Us Are Dead on Netflix, which is currently a hit across the globe.

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