The sale of products in the metaverse could become a job opportunity

Although not so long ago it might sound like science fiction, sale of products in metaverse it can become an effective way of earning a living. It seems that we are facing a logical evolution that promises to change our world a little more and the way in which we relate to each other.

And it is already announced that users of this new world will be able to buy and sell objects and properties or even set up a business. This is one of the conclusions of the event “The Future of Entertainment: Cracking the Metaverse”, held at The Valley.

And it is that the metaverse is an expansive, community and real-time digital space, increasingly present, where users can interact with brands, characters and other intellectual properties, while they are entertained and socialized. This represents a business opportunity for companies whose main objective when betting on the metaverse is to reach a wider audience.

In this sense, The Valley’s Director of Innovation, Juan Luis Moreno, presented the keys to the transformation of this sector that “is at the gates of one of the greatest disruptions that have been experienced in recent times”.

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Features of the metaverse

Based on a connected 3D virtual environment, where the real and digital worlds are integrated using technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, the future that the metaverse brings us will affect all sectors and areas, and will bring together features such as:

  • Persistent. The temporary disconnection with the metaverse is always non-existent. Life goes on, you can always be present in the metaverse both with real presence and online.
  • Social. It will be the extension of our social and professional life. An evolution of social networks. Users will meet and communicate through digital avatars, explore new areas and create content. For example, to dress the avatars, you can buy clothes digitally, in fact, some brands have already started to market this type of clothing.
  • Reagent. The environment and people react to people’s interactions in real time. The organization of events is planned for which you will have to pay to attend: conferences, concerts, theater, etc. and we can imagine how, thanks to language processing and voice recognition, it will be possible to respond to song requests from the audience and, perhaps one day, even carry on a conversation.
  • decentralized. The property is distributed. Blockchain technology will be the lifeblood that sustains the metaverses.
  • Unlimited. There is no maximum number of users, experiences or worlds. An avatar will be able to attend a meeting with colleagues, and it is likely that new visualization tools will emerge focused on improving productivity in the business environment.
  • interoperable. There are no exclusive ties to platforms and devices. Experiences, identities, and economics are interoperable between metaverses.
  • Creativity. People and Artificial Intelligence will be active creators of the metaverses. The big brands, for example, would advertise on the streets and may even sell replicas of real products, such as cars, clothing or technological products.
  • Amplification. It will expand daily activities and interactions. They will be an extension of them.

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