The sales continue in February: get an original Windows 10 Pro license for 13 euros

It’s a fact: there is nothing like original software. That is why few people can resist getting hold of, for example, a driving license. Windows 10 Pro for 13 euros, one of Windows 11 for 18 or one of Microsoft Office for just over 20 euros. Do you still live in sin? That is not because we do not offer you one more opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of the original software and, what is so important, at the best price you will find.

Because when the software is not accessible to everyone’s pocket, it becomes difficult not to fall into bad arts. Fortunately, neither one nor the other is necessary anymore: neither spending hundreds of euros on a Windows or Microsoft Office license, nor playing malware Russian roulette by downloading “activators” from any dubious Internet page. Now for a few euros and quickly and easily, you can brand new software with all of the law.

In fact, you may well have paid for genuine software like Windows in the past, which is often included as part of many new computers completely legacy. The problem is usually the license reuse on new deviceseither because of some problem that causes it to be lost, or because of the difficulty of carrying out said migration… or because it is an OEM license, suitable only for the device with which you bought it.

What we are offering you in this promotion are, in effect, OEM licenses, which in principle you can use on a single computer. Hence its unbeatable price. These licenses, however, they have their advantages: the first, that you do not need to buy a new equipment to get it. Another advantage is the price itself, which you will only find in a store like Supercdk, specialized in this type of product, and only if you apply the special discount for being an MC reader.

windows 10 oem

Finally, there is an additional advantage that you cannot miss and that we will tell you about at the end of the article. But first, a list with all the offers that this promotion includes and that are not limited to Windows 10 or Microsoft Office: there are packages for all tastes and needs and in all cases, at the lowest price you will see anywhere else. Remember: this is 100% original software and therefore 100% legal:

The purchase process is equally fast and simple: create an account in Supercdk, choose the package that interests you the most and before making the payment, make sure you have entered the coupon «MUY» with which you will get a 30% discount and you can take the version of Windows or Microsoft Office at the price you see on the list, and not the one shown in the store when you enter. Once the payment is made, you will receive your license without further formalities.

And now, the third advantage: OEM licenses are tied to the same computer, specifically its motherboard, so changing the device or replacing the component can invalidate the license; and although in general the useful life of the equipment is more than enough to amortize the investment, there is one last cartridge that you can spend: call Microsoft to transfer the license to a new motherboard. This works with both the Windows license and the Microsoft Office license.

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