The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra aims for 200 megapixels

In recent days, and despite the fact that there are still months to go before its presentation, there have been quite a few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S23. Just yesterday we echoed Light, a new energy consumption profile that will allow to prolong the autonomy of the devices based on a slight reduction in their performance. Not much is known about it yet, that is, neither by what percentage will performance decrease nor, as a consequence, how long the life of a full battery charge will extend. However, at the expense of having such data, the concept seems interesting.

On the other hand, last Friday we also learned that, unlike previous generations in which we could find versions with Snapdragon and versions with Exynos, the Galaxy S23 series will be built exclusively around Qualcomm chipsets. A surprise that makes us wonder why the reasons that would have led Samsung to dispense with its own integrated in the new generation of its top of the range. Let us remember, however, that we are talking about leaks, not official information, so we will still have to wait until it is confirmed (or denied, of course).

And when will we know? Well, we also told you yesterday, it seems (again according to rumors and leaks) that Samsung is preparing one of its Galaxy Unpacked for the first week of February, coinciding more or less in dates with the presentation of the S22 this year. If so, we can expect its arrival on the market to take place between the halves or, more likely, the end of the same month, again, as has happened in 2022.

Thus, while we continue to wait until the official presentation arrives, we also pay close attention to rumours, especially if they come to reinforce information that we have already heard before. Such is the case of the information echoed by PhoneArena and which, accompanied by a screenshot, states that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with a 200 megapixel camera.

It is not, as I say, the first time that this rumor has circulated, and we can already find other devices on the market with a camera of these characteristics. However, it is noteworthy that said camera has not yet debuted on Samsung devices, since it is precisely the Korean technology manufacturer of said sensor, the Samsung ISOCELL HPX that we can already find in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12. We are talking about a sensor with a pixel size of 0.6 µm and a 1/1.3″ matrix and capable of providing an aperture of f/1.7.

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