The Samsung NEO QLED 50QN90A 2021, SERIE 9 TV goes below the 1000€ mark!

Samsung’s NEO QLED 50QN90A 2021, SERIE 9 TV is getting a nice discount during the sales at Boulanger!

The 2021 Samsung NEO QLED 50QN90A Mini LED TV goes from 1,790 euros to 990 euros at Boulanger thanks to an immediate reduction (-39%) + an ODR of 100 euros. The image is really very beautiful, the contrasts begin to approach those of OLED and its brightness makes the difference. If you’re looking for a quality screen to watch series, movies and play games even in the middle of the day, it’s hard to find better.

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The Samsung NEO QLED 50QN90A in detail

We are facing a very beautiful television screen, its finish is flawless and it exudes elegance. The plastic box on the back is only 2.7 cm while QLEDs are generally much thicker. A first miracle due to the Mini-LED? Its central metal foot is heavy and measures 46.5 cm long and 22.26 cm wide. Note that if you want to install a soundbar, it will have to rest on the stand, which is not optimal. In addition, it can generate vibrations if you opt for a model with powerful bass.

On the connection side, it is grouped on the left edge of the casing with two USB 3.0 ports, four HDMI 2.1, an Ethernet, satellite, cable and TNT port. No OneConnect box here, it remains reserved for “Lifestyle” or higher-end models. The One Remote abandons metal for black plastic, while retaining its sleek design and ergonomics. On the back, a mini-solar panel ensures the charge, no need for batteries. Finally, it is Bluetooth and includes a microphone for voice commands. Tizen is at the heart of SmartTV and always delivers the best and smoothest user experience. Sound level, we feel that Samsung has made sacrifices, the rendering is honorable but lacks brilliance, power. A sound bar will not be too much.

The VA 100 Hz LCD panel of this Samsung NEO QLED 50QN90A is equipped with a Quantum Dot filter and the backlighting system is no longer Full LED but rather Mini LED. The result is truly stunning with exceptional brightness that allows – almost – to compete with OLED. The colorimetry is sumptuous in Filmmaker mode with a Delta E well below 2.5 and a color temperature very close to the cinema reference. The contrasts are excellent, but this is where the OLED still shows its superiority. With this Samsung, the light grays are a bit overexposed and the darker ones sometimes lack finesse. However, in HDR, HDR 10+, this is barely visible and bright scenes are even better processed than with an OLED panel thanks to higher light peaks, while dark scenes remain a little less precise. As far as upscaling is concerned, like the motion compensation engine, nothing to report as is often the case with Samsung, it’s high art. Last regret, we still have some blooming effects, again, it’s inherent to the technology.

I take advantage of the offer

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