The Samsung QD-OLED S95B TV will improve its image quality thanks to this technology

One of the most anticipated smart TVs of the year is the Samsung S95Bwhich has the honor of being the first Smart TV QD-OLED manufacturer. At the moment we have not been able to test it, but we have already given you our first impressions with the Sony A95K, which uses the same panel manufactured by Samsung, where we have seen that its image quality is beyond doubt, far surpassing the Sony A90J, considered by many to be the best Smart TV of 2021.

Little by little we are getting to know new details of the Samsung QD-OLED S95B television, a Smart TV that shows ways to be one of the great surprises of the year. And now, we have just learned about a technology that they will use to offer the best user experience.

And it is that, as they have reported from the Korean portal The Elec, Corning will supply its Astra Glass panels to Samsung OLED TVs to guarantee a plus of resistance and a superior image quality.

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What is Astra Glass and how will it improve the Samsung S95B?

In case you do not know the manufacturer Corning, say that it is a firm specialized in the manufacture of panels for display devices. A firm that has been collaborating with Samsung for many years to provide its family of mobile phones with extra protection through its Corning Gorilla Glass panels.

This protective layer adds a plus of resistance against bumps and drops, so your family of mobile phones is a little more resistant thanks to the use of these solutions from the New York-based company. And, as they have indicated from the aforementioned Korean media, it seems that the relationship between Samsung and Corning is going to expand, since they will supply Corning Astra Glass panels to the Korean manufacturer to provide their QD-OLED Smart TVs with a better quality of image.

To begin with, Astra Glass is a new glass substrate that has been designed by Corning to offer a Higher pixel density for high-performance displays. This achieves a brighter and more realistic image.

What’s more, Astra Glass technology includes a series of technologies that make it very stable at a thermal levelwithstanding ups and downs without damage, including oxide thin film transistor (TFT) backplane manufacturing processes.

Astra Glass, which It is manufactured by a fusion process patented by Corning, it offers great fidelity by withstanding high temperatures without problem, being a product that is beginning to be used for both large and medium format smart televisions, as well as for high-performance tablets and laptops for business use

According to the company, Corning’s Astra Glass panels that will incorporate the Samsung S95B will guarantee vivid and intense colors, in addition to improving viewing angles. Astra Glass is also suitable for the manufacture of high temperature Quantum Dots panels, as we have told you before, thanks to its advanced characteristics and high performance pure and thin substrates, so there will be no problem in this aspect.

We will have to wait for the manufacturer to send us the first test unit to see how far its new panel can go, but at the moment we are seeing that its first OLED Smart TV shows ways to become one of the kings of the market. And the fact that it uses an Astra Glass panel to further improve image quality is great news for everyone.

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