The screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 will have 16% more pixels than the current one

The release date of the new Apple watch of this year, the 7 series, and although Apple tries to hide its news so that they do not come to light before being presented in the next keynote in September, inevitably it increasingly costs more to block the leaks of the new features.

And one of them explains it to us Bloomberg. It talks about the new screen sizes, the new spheres, and the increase in the number of pixels on the screen. Let’s see what they tell us.

Bloomberg has just released a new report detailing in depth some of the new features of the series 7 of the Apple Watch that will be presented at Apple’s next keynote this September.

Two sizes: 41 and 45 mm.

The first thing to note about this report is the new screen sizes. The smallest will be 41 mm. and the largest of 45 mm. Being rectangular, the measurements refer to the vertical side of the casing.

The display on the new Apple Watch will measure around 1.9 inches on the 45mm model, compared to 1.78 inches on the current 44mm model. The 45mm model appears to have a resolution of 396 × 484 pixels, compared to the 368 × 448 pixel resolution of the Series 6. In total a 16% increase in the number of pixels than current 6 series.

Three exclusive new dials

They also explain that this year’s new series will feature three new spheres exclusives: “Modular Max”, “Continuum” and a new world time dial.

«Modular Max»You will have a digital watch along with a small complication with larger complications spanning the length of the display stacked on top of each other. It is an update of the current Infograph Modular, in which we can only see one big complication.

«Continuum»Will change according to the flow of time and the current time. And a new watch face world time, called Atlas and World Timer, will allow the user to view all 24 time zones simultaneously. An outer dial shows time zones, while the inner dial shows the time at each location. Users will be able to choose to view the time in digital or analog. This watch face is similar to those popularized by Patek Philippe, Breitling, and Vacheron Constantin.

In addition to these three new faces, Bloomberg also tells that Apple is developing new faces for the versions Hermes and Nike of the Apple Watch. The company is testing a new Hermes face with “numbers that change hour by hour” and a new Nike face with numbers that move according to your movement. We’ll see if they have them in time for the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

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