The second season of Little America will be shot in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed a large number of recordings, if not practically all, those that were planned by streaming video platforms, as well as most movie premieres. Apple TV + has been oblivious to this problem being The Morning Show a clear example, since its second season which opens in a few days, arrives two years after the first.

Another series that has also been affected by the pandemic is Little America, a series confirmed by Emily V. Gordon, one of its creators, filming of the second season will begin in early 2022. Considering that the first season premiered in early 2020, it is more than likely that the pandemic was not the only culprit for this delay.

On her Twitter account, Emily V. Gordon wrote:

Little America is back! Our series is especially unsuitable for shooting in times of pandemic, as we have many international actors and a different cast in each episode. But we are getting ready to shoot early next year!

Little America is a series of real stories of immigrants in America, inspired by stories published in Epic Magazine. The series shows us funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and surprising stories of immigrants in America.

Series that do not renew

As we informed you a few days ago, the Dickinson series has become the second Apple TV + series that will not be renewed for a new season when the third one that premieres on November 5 ends. To this series, we have to add the production of JJ Abrams Little Voice.

According to the creator of Dickinson, the series was initially planned to have a duration of 3 seasonsHowever, from Little Voice, the reasons for its cancellation are still unknown.

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