The second section of the Digital Kit is delayed until September and important changes are introduced in the current one

After days waiting for the Government to officially announce the second installment of the Digital Kit (for SMEs with less than 10 employees) it seems that they are going to go on vacation without their homework done. On the contrary, the BOE has published interesting modifications of the regulatory bases of December 2021, regarding these grants.

As reported master tone, founding partner of Innóvate 4.0 and collaborator at Fandit, the main novelties are the following:

  • They incorporate two new categories to the list to redeem the bonus. On the one hand there is the “Marketplace«, whose help will be aimed at increasing digital sales of e-commerce, optimizing resources and selecting the appropriate distribution channels. On the other hand, the category of “Advanced presence on the internet”consisting of the provision of services that ensure the online positioning of the company, increasing its reach of potential customers and visits to its website.
  • One of the great novelties is that it incorporates spending on hardware as eligible. The BOE is very specific on this point: devices in modality are included. pay per use (as a service) «when their supply is essential for the provision of the contracted solution, without being able to be used for purposes other than providing this solution.
  • gets a maximum period of three months to pay the bonus from the verification of the justification of the request.
  • increases to six months the term to present the first justification, from the validation of the provision agreement (previously it was three months from the invoice).

These changes are going to have repercussions both on the requesting SMEs, as in Digitizing Agents, that have had to be homologated in the different categories to provide their services in the Digital Kit. According to Mestre, everything indicates that the digitizers that fit into these two new sections will have to be approved in both. «They have already notified that they are preparing the form so that the Digitizing Agents can expand their categories, which, according to the bases, could be done after six months from the application for membership and those dates are already here for the first . It will be the same procedure.

Although the BOE was expected to publish the bases for the call for aid to companies with less than 10 employees on July 18, the days have passed without news. Today is the last business day for the Administration, until Septemberso it is understood that it will be after the summer when this new segment opens.

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