The secret is in the details: macro photography accessories

The essentials of macro photography

The macro photography It really is not very different from the rest of the photos you can take with your camera, whatever type it is. Because this modality is something that today can be carried out with a DSLR-type camera, without a mirror or even that of your own mobile phone. Moreover, the latter are the ones that have been popularizing it the most during the last year.

Even so, it is important to know some fundamental aspects when taking this type of photos. Especially if you want the results to be of quality and as important as possible. Because as in everything, there are macro photographs and macro photographs.

The first thing is that, normally, macro photography tries to make captures objects that are usually much smaller than the size of the camera sensor, but thanks to the used lenses they can be seen in great detail. This is very striking, because it is like discovering worlds inaccessible to our eyes.

The second is that when taking photos of such small objects the camera stability to be used must be larger than for other types of photographs. Because the slightest movement, no matter how little, can cause jitter in the final image.


Third is the illumination. Here again it is important to be able to optimally illuminate what you want to photograph. Because usually small apertures (large f value) are used to have a greater depth of field and that everything comes out perfectly in focus.

Finally, although more aspects could be covered, it is important that you know the minimum and maximum focus distance of the camera and lens you are going to use. A simple way to know this is to take a ruler, place it in front of the lens and with the ring if it is a traditional camera lens or by touching the screen to see which is the closest point of the same where it is focused and the farthest .

Macro Photography Accessories

Now that you are clear about what macro photography is or, at least, we hope you have learned something new about it, let’s see some accessories that you should have if you are passionate about this modality. Because they will make your work much easier or directly they are essential if you want to go from a normal photo to a much more careful and professional one. A photo of those that when your friends and acquaintances see it they say: photon.


Using a tripod in macro photography is something essential. It is true that you can achieve good images by shooting freehand or using other types of supports, but the advantages of a tripod are undoubted. In addition, taking into account the wide variety of models that there are, you can always find the most suitable for the type of macro photo you take and the devices used.

Extension arm for tripod column

If you already have a tripod, but you feel that it gives you very little play in terms of positions, it is not always necessary to change it, there are extension arms for the central column that allow, among other things, place the camera in different positions and even to take overhead photos.

Macro focus rail

When you do macro photography, moving the camera slightly forward or backward affects focus quickly, hence the need for a camera. precision of movements practically millimeter. That is why a focus rail like this is not only useful, it is almost very necessary in certain situations.

Mini LED spotlight

Have any kind of extra light It is useful whether you are taking photos or recording video, because it allows you to illuminate the main object or subject, outline it or even serve as a practical light to give depth to the scene among many additional uses.

In macro photography, these types of lights can be much more necessary still, because there are situations in which if you do not have an extra, you will not be able to see in detail what you want to photograph. Hence, this type of mini LED spotlights are an almost obligatory purchase.

LED ring

In the same way as with the previous focus, the LED rings for macro photography allow a strip of LEDs to be placed around the lens that evenly light up the scene where is the subject or object to be photographed. Depending on whether you use a camera with interchangeable lenses or that of your smartphone, you can choose different options.

If you use a mobile phone you can use the flash, although the ideal is something that you can control at the intensity level and this LED ring for smartphone is better.


If you do not have the number of bulbs you need to illuminate the object to photograph or to control the light that reaches it, the use of a reflector is very practical. Similarly not only serves to reflect, also to control light.

Taking into account that it is macro photography, you do not have to go for large models, one of about 40 cm is enough to reflect or control the light.

Articulated or magic arms

The articulated arms or magic arms are another of the accessories that help you a lot when taking macro photography. To begin with, they can be used to place what you want to photograph in the position you want. On the other hand, they are also useful for place an extra LED spotlight or any other accessory to control the light, etc.

Macro photography with a mobile phone

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