The sectors where more startups have developed this year

According to the report from the Startup Observatory in Spain, from the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, the first two quarters of 2022 had a positive trend in relation to the operations carried out. However, during the third quarter the interventions were reduced. Despite this fact, investment has been maintained over the years, reaching 738 million euros in the third quarter of this year.

In this sense, the Spanish ecosystem is attractive to foreign investors. The Bankinter Innovation Foundation report argues that the trends for the last quarter of 2022 show that the Foreign investment in Spain has reached 414 million, advancing both the mixed investment with 218 million and the local one with 106 million. Likewise, unicorn startups have increased notably in the economic sector. Specifically, in 2021, there was a record 540 tech startups with unicorn status, according to the 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Analysis.

The outlook for tech startups for the year 2023 is mostly positive. IDC in its Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Software Forecast, 2022–2026 report states that those startups related to Hardware products will receive an estimated investment of more than 500,000 million dollars next year. “Startups are increasingly present in the life of the population, as they provide technological improvements and many facilities”, specifies Quino Fernández, CEO of AticcoLab.

What are the sectors where more startups have been developed this 2022?

The world of startups does not stop growing and, today, many of these companies lead the evolution of the economic sector. Precisely, at AticcoLab, they are in charge of promoting the innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups. For this reason, they have made a ranking taking into account the startups with which AticcoLab works, through its acceleration program and corporate programs that are developed in collaboration with other institutions such as DAS Seguros España, Fundación Cellnex or Barcelona Activa, and are programs that are aimed at specific sectors. With this, of the startups that have started or concluded any of the programs in 2022 (around 70), the top 5 sectors where the most startups have been developed in AticcoLab this last year would be:

Wellness and Health

Health is one of the main concerns of society and having a specialist within reach of your mobile helps to resolve your doubts quickly. In fact, 55% of Spaniards prefer to make medical consultations online, according to Cignasalud. Among the wellness and health startups, there is OROI, a platform with virtual reality therapeutic content aimed at generating emotional well-being and training cognitive functions in the elderly. OROI is currently participating in the second edition of the Cellnex Bridge.

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The legal environment also evolves at the same time as the rest and includes information technology to optimize its solutions. Specifically, the Association for Management Progress points out that there are a total of 142 legaltech projects and approximately 100 companies based on this type of management in Spain. One example is Save Autónomos, which participated in the first edition of the DAS Innovation Lab. Save Autónomos is a platform for self-employed workers to calculate and purchase sick leave, accident and life insurance in one click and enjoy the best coverage.

eCommerce / Retail

E-commerce has become a common element in the daily life of the population. In addition, its use increased up to 35% in February 2022, according to Webloyalty. Likewise, a startup that stands out in this sector is Run to Wear, the world’s largest online dressing room, which brings together a community of fashion lovers who decide to share and give their clothes a second life. Run to Wear, participated in the third edition of the AticcoLab acceleration program.


The ideal way to carry out your sports monitoring is through wearables or applications in this sector. Statista exposes that in 2020, 179 million euros in wearables and 73 million euros in applications were entered in Spain. Within this sector is Omashu, which participated in the first edition of DAS Innovation Lab. This startup consists of a platform that offers a comprehensive service that accredits the correct transfer and value forecast of eSports players, both professionally and amateur, making use of Blockchain and Machine Learning technology.


One of the preferred activities of the population is travel, since in the third quarter of 2022 a total of 340 million international arrivals were recorded worldwide, as declared by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). AticcoLab highlights the travel startup Identify, an app to discover points of cultural interest and plan cultural routes in different cities, with more than 300,000 points to discover, which participated in the third edition of the AticcoLab acceleration program.

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