The September 14 date of the Apple event?

Several rumors indicate that the Cupertino company will present the new iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7 and maybe something else next Tuesday, September 14 And although the date is not confirmed as of today as we write this article, it is almost certain that it will be this.

Apple usually carries out the presentations on Tuesdays, and this Tuesday, September 14, coincides with half of September, they have Enough margin to launch the products during the same week and they have another to start marketing the products within the same month. We can say that it is the right date to have a full month of September.

Several indications mark the 14th as a possible event date

Every year they tend to “bet” on the presentation dates of the new iPhone model and this year it seems that everything is clearer because several rumors clearly point to Tuesday, September 14 for the presentation event. At Apple they already have everything ready for the event and it is expected that this will be the same as the previous ones in times of pandemic, a streaming video directly without visitors and no specialized media in the keynote.

We can almost confirm by several reliable sources that this will be the date of the event and that we are going to see the presentation of the iPhone and the Apple Watch, although it is true that there is no official confirmation in this regard. In the podcast last Tuesday we agreed on the date and right now we are still confident that we will get it right, Do you think we will have an event on September 14 or not?

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