The sequel to Metro Exodus is almost finished and could arrive in 2024

One of the most well-known and reliable insiders in the world of video games, Tom Henderson, has commented that the sequel to Metro Exodus is in a very advanced state of development, so much so that it is already fully playable, which means that its presentation could take place at the end of this year, and that its launch would take place sometime in 2024.

It is important to keep a few things in mind to better understand what the sequel to Metro Exodus would represent. The original lived a second youth thanks to the release of the Enhanced Edition version, and became one of the games with the best implementation of ray tracing, as it applied it extensively to lighting, shadows and reflections, which made this technology make a significant difference. To compensate for the loss of performance that occurred, this game allowed us to activate DLSS 2.

I wanted to give you this context so that you are clear about something very important, and that is that 4A Games set the bar very high with Metro Exodus on a technical level, and that therefore its sequel should be outlined as an exclusive title for the current generation, and for PC, so that it is viable to achieve a significant leap at the graphic level. Don’t expect said sequel to come to PS4 and Xbox One.

Going back to the information we have, the source has commented that the Metro Exodus sequel is changing for the better. This franchise has always transmitted an important anti-war message, and it has clearly shown the horrors that a nuclear holocaust could wreak on Earth. The war in Ukraine has led the developers to rethink this question, and this has led them to give a twist to the new story that they will tell in the sequel.

The sequel to Metro Exodus will touch aspects such as the struggle for power, politics, tyranny and repression, and integrate them in such a way that they will shape the a game with “a new purpose”. It is important to note that while the information is reliable, and makes a lot of sense, there is always the possibility of delays, especially considering the impact the war in Ukraine is having on 4A Games.

We still do not have concrete information about the technical keys of this sequel, but I am convinced that will again make an excellent implementation of ray tracing, and that it will be compatible with the main image rescaling and reconstruction technologies. I also do not rule out that it supports NVIDIA frame generation, present in DLSS 3.

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