The serious problems that Apple’s HomePods are suffering

What’s wrong with the HomePods now?

If these speakers stand out for something, it is for offering an excellent sound experience, both in the large HomePods that are about to be discontinued and the brand new HomePod mini launched at the end of last year. Normally, the guarantee that HomePods have cover any type of unexpected problem that is not due to misuse, but the truth is that the new problem seems to be in limbo because its origin is unknown.

For weeks we have been able to read in various photos and social networks the complaints of users who affirm that since they updated to iOS 14.6 their speaker software, they have started to experience problems of various kinds. Many speak of overheating on top of the speakers, others talk about internet connection lost and others directly claim that their HomePods they don’t work directly and it is as if they were disconnected from the current.

The remarkable thing is that even in iOS 15 beta These problems are being detected, for what appears to be a software failure that, as it has not been reported, continues to be maintained in future versions of the system that Apple is developing. And it is evident that these problems are not normal and although many already wonder how much it will cost to repair their HomePod, the truth is that they may not need an appointment with technical support because it is not a hardware problem.

The solution to the problem is to be patient

Threading with what we commented previously, it seems extremely strange that so many HomePods have started to fail at the same time. There may be complete batches of the product with all defective units, but taking into account that not all of them belong to the same, it is practically ruled out that it is that. Even if Apple has not commented on this yet, surely your engineers are already aware of these problems and are trying to find a solution through a new software update.

It is likely that in the coming days or weeks that long-awaited update will arrive, either only for the speakers or for the iPhone as well. In this sense, we could imagine that iOS 14.7 is the version that solves it, since it is already in its fourth beta version and its launch seems closer and closer. In any case, it is not ruled out either that an intermediate such as iOS 14.6.1 could be the one that came out urgently to solve these problems.

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