The shocking images of the Delta strain of Covid-19 through a microscope

The Delta variant of Covid-19 It lit up the alerts around the world when it was cataloged by the World Health Organization (who) as a “variant of concern” because it is more contagious, scientists revealed the first images.

Scientists from the Russian center for virology and biotechnologies Véktor mounted this Monday what the Delta strain of coronavirus with images taken with an electron microscope camera.

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“The virus was artificially reared in cell cultures of the epithelial tissue of african green monkey”, They indicated in a statement in which they detail that the Delta variant it has a shorter incubation period and its elimination from the body tends to take longer, making recovery difficult.

The Delta variant and its new mutation

The Delta variant of Covid-19 caused alarm in the world population since it is more contagious and can cause a severe form of the disease, something for which the WHO classified it as “variant of concern”, Says the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

This variant was detected for the first time in India in October 2020 and spreads easily and quickly, so experts have pointed out the importance of vaccines and of continuing with health measures since when a virus causes more infections ” it increases the probability that the virus will mutate ”, explains Unicef.

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Recently Soumya Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist, warned of the emergence of the new Delta variant mutation that it would be more transmissible and could be resistant to drugs and vaccines.

“There is concern that this new variant will become much more deadly because it can become resistant to drugs and vaccines. The good news is that there are still very few cases that have been described globally, there are only a few dozen genomic sequences of the delta variant with its additional mutation, ”he said.

Unicef ​​reported that the new mutation, called Delta Plus o AY.4.2, it was observed in India last April and was classified as “of concern”, so far suspicious cases have already been reported in United Kingdom and Spain.


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