The Signal application is rowing at home? you are not the only ones

The Signal application is experiencing disruptions on the morning of September 27. The problem, located in the instant messaging hosting, is being resolved.

It’s a disappointing start to the week for Signal and its community. Instant messaging has been encountering for a few hours, this Monday, September 27, 2021, operational problems, which prevents it from correctly routing Internet users’ messages. The issue, which was reported on DownDetector, a site specializing in troubleshooting, was acknowledged by the mobile app on Twitter.

Signal is currently out of service, due to a hosting outage affecting parts of our service. We are working on its return to service “, wrote a few hours ago the platform on the social network. The incident is not fully resolved, but it is on the way to be : ” Mail has been restored for 99% of users, but we are still working on the remaining 1%. “

Source: Signal

An application that relies on donations from Internet users

The problem affects Internet users all over the world. If the most numerous reports come from North America, it has also come from Europe and in particular from France. Several Internet users have noticed this and a few dozen notifications have been sent to DownDetector. The first incidents were reported around 5:30 a.m., with a peak around 8 a.m.

The Signal app is supported through an independent foundation, which has taken the form of a non-profit organization. To function, it relies in particular on donations from the public – it also received massive support from Brian Acton in 2018, since one of the two creators of WhatsApp paid him $ 50 million. These donations fund the servers, bandwidth and application development.

Signal saw an influx of new users at the start of the year, due to the decisions of WhatsApp and Facebook, its parent company. WhatsApp’s new rules provide for the possibility for Facebook to cross-reference its app data (but not the messages themselves, which remain encrypted) for monetization purposes. Internet users did not appreciate it and went elsewhere.

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