The Smart TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X that we would like to see on Black Friday

Both the PS5 Sony like Xbox series x Microsoft have been with us for a year now. In this time they have proven to be very powerful consoles, capable of facing even computers without fear. gaming whose prices are much higher. Now that the Black friday, we bring you a list of the most interesting Smart TVs currently on the market to make the most of these consoles.

Surely you will be able to enjoy enjoying your console new generation with virtually any television. But knowing that both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 have hardware capable of moving resolution 4K and 120 Hz refresh rate, surely we would not be doing justice to its specifications by using a screen less than its capabilities. In this top we will show you the best Smart TV to play with these consoles.


Available in sizes between 48 and 83 inches, the LG OLED C1 has all the requirements to be able to enjoy any video game next gen. Its 4K resolution panel offers an absolutely sharp image, with a representation of the absolute black and really vivid colors.

Its technology and its digital processing by artificial intelligence make this screen the dream of any regular gamer, although surely its price does not exactly suit all pockets.

Sony A90J OLED

The Sony A90J Bravia XR is another of the better screens that is currently on the market to enjoy the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. It is available in 55, 65 and 83 inches diagonally.

Like the previous model, it has HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of the full bandwidth of the consoles and a 10-bit, 120 Hz UHD panel.

Samsung QN90A QLED

Going down a notch, the QN90A is also a Smart TV to consider if we plan to use it for video games. The technology Samsung’s QLED has noticeably improved this generation, now called Neo QLED. In terms of contrast and color, it is possible that while you are enjoying the device, you forget that it is not a TV with an OLED panel.

For the rest, equip all the necessary technology for you to enjoy games at the highest level. This Samsung is able to take advantage of the full potential of the new consoles, from its Dynamic range to its surround sound signed by Dolby.

LG Nano90 Nanocell

In a similar line we find the LG Nanocell televisions. Without becoming OLED technology either, the Koreans have managed to find a really balanced point between quality and price. The panel offers high-quality colors and offers really sharp HDR. Its ThinQ technology is capable of recognizing the content we are consuming and adapting the parameters of our TV to maximize our experience and immersion in the game.

Panasonic HX800

This latest model that we offer you in this top is signed by the Japanese brand Panasonic and stands out for its Balance. The television offers very interesting specs for him gaming without its price becoming crazy.

It has an Ultra HD panel, like all the previous ones. Your level of contrast it is remarkableas it has Bright Panel Plus HDR technology. It supports HDR10 + and is mainly sold with a 65-inch size.

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