The so-called “monster” who sexually abused dying women and who had relations with 99 corpses

David fuller is a well-known man in the UK because of his terrifying story which includes having had sexual relations with 99 corpses that he found in hospital deposits, including children as young as nine years old.

The British media have called Fuller a “monster”; however, feminists agree that Femicides should not be stripped of their human condition to avoid justifying their behavior, Fuller falls into that category having recently confessed that he murdered two women and abused them while they were dying.

David Fuller confessed that in 1987 he murdered and sexually abused Wendy knell and Caroline pierce in their own apartments, a case that became known as the Bedsit murders.

Having committed these crimes that went unpunished, Fuller spent the next several years desecrating the bodies of women and girls he searched for in the morgues to which he had access thanks to his work What technical supervisor in a hospital.

David Fuller is sentenced

According to the British newspaper The Sun, David Fuller desecrated the bodies of deceased women from among nine to 100 years old.

These days David Fuller faced his trial and was declared guilty of murder by admitting 51 crimes that include 44 charges related to his deceased victims.

Police investigations found four hard drives packed with pictures and videos of the accused with the corpses he abused in acts of necrophilia.

Fuller had access to all areas of the Kent and Sussex hospital in the town of Tunbridge Wells. His crimes he did from 2008 to 2020. Prosecutors say the case “It is unprecedented in legal history” and is “a nightmare”, as quoted by The Sun.


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