The Sosh Box: the Fiber or ADSL subscription at €14.99/month is back

The Sosh operator is making waves by allowing you to subscribe to a Fiber or ADSL subscription for less than 15 euros. The low-cost subsidiary of Orange offers you an Internet offer at 14.99 euros per month, for a period of one year.

You have exactly until Monday, April 4, 2022 at 8 a.m. sharp to subscribe to the Fiber or ADSL subscription at Sosh at the monthly price of 14.99 euros, for one year. At the end of the twelve-month period, the subscription price will increase to 29.99 euros per month. As the offer is non-binding, it will be possible to terminate the subscription at the end of the promotional period.

For information, this is an offer which is reserved for new Sosh customers eligible for Fiber (or ADSL depending on the technical eligibility of the household) and which is not valid for customers migrating from an offer Internet Orange, Open, Sosh Box and Sosh mobile + Livebox. Activation costs are free and Sosh reimburses termination costs up to 100 euros if you come from another operator (see conditions).

Regarding the Fiber subscription, Sosh gives the possibility of enjoying very high speed Internet on the Orange network with downloads of up to 300 Mbits/s in upload or download speed, Livebox 4, and unlimited calls. to landlines in mainland France and the overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations. For TV, the Orange TV app (available on request) includes 72 TV channels on mobile, tablet and PC/Mac, but not directly on the TV.

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