The Spanish foodtech Vegan Food Club lands in Portugal

Vegan Food Club continues to grow and has already made the international leap, confirming its arrival in Portugal. The Spanish foodtech that produces 100% vegan food dishes and sustainable and home delivery throughout mainland Spain will cover the entire Peninsula with its services, putting its innovative and healthy dishes at the service of the more than 10 million inhabitants of the neighboring country. The company expects the Portuguese market to represent between 10% and 15% of its total turnover.

Portugal has always been in the internationalization plan of Vegan Food Club as the first option, both due to its geographical proximity and because it has a culture similar to that of Spain. “This makes the positioning strategy in the Portuguese market more agile and simple for us. We will have a small competitor there, but it cannot be said that there is a clear leader in the segment we are targeting, so we believe that we have an interesting opportunity that we do not want to miss.«, Points out Pablo Alcolea, CEO of Vegan Food Club.

Adaptation of the web

The first logical step for the company to adapt to the new market has been to adapt its website to the Portuguese language. As in our country, the Vegan Food Club service will be provided only in the peninsular part of Portugal (not in the islands), where it will arrive by road from its logistics center located in Valencia, taking advantage of the excellent infrastructures that exist in the country .

Delivery days (Tuesday and Friday) and shipping costs (3.99 euros) will be the same as those applied in Spain, and for now the same menus will be offered with the same prices as here, although the company plans to incorporate coming soon new recipes adapted to the gastronomic traditions and culinary tastes of each place.

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