The Spanish fried tomato brand, Orlando, celebrates 100 years

Although the famous advertising sport “Guate, here’s a tomato” could make you think that Orlando is a Mexican brand, the truth is that it was born in the Basque Country, specifically, in San Sebastián, in 1922. Although its beginnings were as a fish canner, in 1968 it changed its business model and decided to launch, from pioneering way in Spain, its iconic fried tomatomade at its Alfaro plant, after moving the business to La Rioja, in 1961.

Since then, its unique flavor and its different varieties have been with us from our grandmothers’ kitchens to ours, and have made it the favorite brand of fried tomato among Spaniards.

In 100 years many things have changed, but others have remained the same. Example of it It’s your recipe that arrived in our kitchens in 1968 to save us time without having to give up the best flavor. A stir-fry that since its launch is made with 100% local tomatoes, collected throughout Spain, specifically in Ebro Valley, Extremadura and Andalusia and carefully selected by farmers there.

The Orlando factory today continues to be located in Alfaro, La Riojawhere more than 250 workers ensure that the recipe and the way of preparing the tomato sauce remain intact, with oil, garlic and fresh onions harvested here in Spain and cooked over low heat «for more than two hours and with great care, as if it were prepared at home“, as indicated by the company.

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Enrique Sanz, manager of the Alfaro Plant, comments: “We’re a big family, and we love being a part of something that’s as local as Orlando Fried Tomato. For more than 55 years we have been in this same place, and we are not only local because of the product, since both the tomatoes, as well as the olive oil, garlic and onion used in the sauce are of Spanish origin, but also because we produce here, in La Rioja. Also, many of us have been working in Orlando for many years, so this celebration makes us very proud.”

Charlotte Fernandez, Orlando Brand Manager, says: “We are delighted to be part of this historic milestone for the brand and to be able to say that after 100 years, Orlando continues to be the Spanish favorite brand of fried tomato, which makes us the leading brand in the category. 100 years in which we have not stopped growing and adapting to the new trends and needs of families, but the iconic flavor of our stir-fry has hardly changed since its origin”.

Orlando History Milestones:

The company tells us, in its own words, what its main milestones have been over the years:

  • 1922: We were born in San Sebastián as a fish canner.
  • 1961: We moved to Alfaro, La Rioja.
  • 1968: We launched the first fried tomato on the market.
  • 1982: We launched the iconic campaign “Cuate, here’s a tomato.”
  • 1988: We present the brik format.
  • 2001: We are the first brand to launch Home Style Fried Tomato, with its texture made with pieces of tomato and onion.
  • 2005: Introducing the first fried tomato with olive oil.
  • 2007: We introduce the easy-open lid for the brik format, which is currently the best seller.
  • 2011: We continue to innovate with the first fried tomato 0.0 without added sugar or salt.
  • 2016: We incorporate glass containers among our product formats.
  • 2018: We launched our Artisan Recipe Fried Tomato, a variety with a higher concentration of tomato and olive oil, generating greater smoothness and thickness to enhance the flavor of any dish.
  • 2021: We launched Orlando Creations, a range of culinary sauces unprecedented in its category, made up of three unique recipes: Sweet with caramelized onion and shallot, Intense with roasted garlic and Mediterranean herbs, and Mild with roasted pepper and onion, all made with ingredients natural ingredients and extra virgin olive oil, to achieve elaborate and delicious dishes in just 25 minutes.
  • 2022: We present the world’s first fried tomato pie to celebrate our centenary in style.

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