The Spanish platform for temporary rental of homes, Homelike, arrives in the United States

The platform temporary rental of housing, Homelike, takes a further step in its expansion plan for new markets and arrives in the United States. The company begins its adventure in New York, one of the most important and recognized cities in the world, where it will have an office and equipment.

The proptech, based in Europe, currently has more than 100,000 furnished apartments in more than 500 European cities. Figures that support the Homelike expansion project to the United States and that serve to propose the opening of new cities in that country for next year.

Since the start of the pandemic, Homelike has seen a significant increase in your services driven by the increase in travel flexibility due to telecommuting, the increase in digital nomads and the growing shift towards digitization of real estate operations, derived from the pandemic.

Thanks to this, throughout this year, Homelike has generated a constant double-digit growth in its income month-over-month, which represents an increase twice higher than pre-pandemic levels. In addition, the company has tripled the rental income for owners compared to the previous year, also doubling the average number of owners who make more than $ 50,000 in profit renting their accommodations through the platform.

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The way people live and work is changing rapidly, but booking long-term apartment rentals remains a complex, agency-driven process. The United States has become one of our hottest new markets and we are excited to launch our platform in the country.”Says Dustin Figge, founder of Homelike. “Our mission, wherever we are, is to be travelers’ first choice for extended stays. That’s why we’ve developed industry-leading technology that enables us to offer users an intuitive and reliable platform that makes renting an extended-stay apartment easy from start to finish.«.

Process simplification

Homelike offers the best experience For both owners and tenants, since the platform simplifies the processes involved in renting, as well as the search for properties and reservations. Thus, on the platform you can make instant reservations, order payments on a recurring basis, or manage invoices and rental contracts digitally, replacing traditional time-consuming procedures. All of this, with the aim of ensuring that tenants can move quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, owners who rent their residences through Homelike enjoy a significant and constant demand for temporary stays thanks to the base of international clients of high quality available to the company. This means that a house is rented, on average, for 90 days, which guarantees benefits to the owners. Additionally, the platform offers availability management and pricing recommendations backed by real-time data, while the company’s account managers and reservations team provide support, market reporting, and other valuable services.

Lastly, for renters, Homelike offers a seamless search experience, booking flexibility, transparent rental agreements, and 10 times the property value rental value insurance. Homelike’s reservations team makes sure that tenants are supported from the moment they are interested in the reservation until the move-in is complete.

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