The Spanish startup, Harbiz, enters the English and German markets

Harbiz, the all-in-one platform for wellness professionals, launches its services on the English and German markets, a move that aims to deepen this industry. Fruit of his three years of lifeHarbiz already has more than 4,000 wellness professionals who serve more than 80,000 people, and is present in more than 35 countries.

Taking advantage of the launch in January of this year of the new version of its platform, with a redesign and cutting-edge technology used by Airbnb, Facebook and Instagram, among others, Harbiz has promoted its international expansion to English and German-speaking markets. After tripling billing in 2022, its strategy for this course focuses mainly on an international and technological commitment, since the Harbiz app has reached the point of optimization so that the client, advised by the professional, has the best possible user experience and can access all the services it offers, in a 100% personalized way.

This is a step to leave behind (or take away the prominence they have today) the traditional methodologies and formats that operated in this sector up to now: Word, Excel, email, etc.

According to its CEO, Mario MoranteWe have already validated that Harbiz is changing the lives not only of professionals, in the way they work their services with their clients, but also of the people they advise through this tool. For this reason we are determined to grow without any barriers and make the tool available to anyone in the world, beginning by expanding it to English and German. All of this helps make this type of service much more accessible to people, and of course, professionals can dedicate themselves to what they really love, which is being with their clients and helping them achieve their health and wellness goals.”

Thanks to the automation of tasks and processes, the platform offers a considerable amount of time that can be used in the services that professionals offer to clients and the growth of their businesses. This was the main idea that its founders had in mind, Mario Morante (CEO) and Javier Ortega (COO) -both industrial engineers-, through an all-in-one platform, with intuitive technology and specialized training, to be able to accompany these professionals on a day-to-day basis to promote the evolution of their businesses.

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