The Spanish technology company Fullstep doubles its turnover in 2022 and is committed to AI by 2023

The end to end (E2E) model allows a global vision of a specific process within a company. By having this comprehensive vision, it allows solving, optimizing, automating and reducing tasks that normally require time and resources that are sometimes not invested as necessary. Digitizing it is a step further to favor key processes in departments such as purchasing, procurement and supply chainwhich is the strong point of the Madrid company Fullstep.

Fullstep has announced the results for 2022 and, despite the global economic uncertainty that began to be latent in the last quarter of the year, these have been highly positive. getting a turnover of 17.3 million euros, which means almost double the data for 2021. Highlighting an increase in its global customer base of 30%.

The success of Fullstep basically has two essential protagonists. On one hand, his own development platform, which helps companies to be able to work in a 360º environment covering the entire purchasing and supply process. In addition, it can be easily integrated with other systems that the company in question works with.

In fact, according to the company’s own data, those organizations that have the original platform have been able to manage up to 8,300 million euros in purchases, 1,500 million euros in issued orders and 365,000 invoices.

Another reason for the success in the increase in Fullstep’s turnover are its BPO or outsourcing services. Its services have increased by 80% over the past year, helping customers reduce their operating costs by up to 25%.

“We are very proud of each year being able to add more value and create a positive impact on the companies that trust us. Undoubtedly, digitization is now more tangible and this is especially noticeable in our sector. More and more companies, regardless of their size or area of ​​action, are betting on implementing technological solutions that help them overcome turbulent and uncertain moments such as those that have been going on for some time. We want to continue working on improving our value proposition, in such a way that we help companies grow, ensuring that it also has a positive impact for clients, professionals, suppliers and partners”, explains Rosario Piazza, the company’s CEO.

Fullstep objectives for 2023

One of Fullstep’s objectives for this year is to carry out a further expansion of its client portfolio, giving support to companies in terms of software solutions with the support of its Indirect Channel. “We trust that the partner channel will be a lever for growth in 2023. We want to position our software inside and outside our borders, although the main target areas in terms of growth in the number of clients will be LATAM and Central Europe”, comments Piazza.

Another objective for 2022 is to continue creating improvements and new functionalities in its flagship platform where the near future also involves working with AI. In fact, Fullstep is already working on a project based on artificial intelligence for automation and data processing that helps the Comprehensive supplier analysis. It will also support a specialized service area in the ESG purchasing framework.

In short, getting an operational solution in the cloud that helps in the automatic validation of certificates for the intelligent approval of suppliers. As well as in the elaboration of risk profiles for each provider, optimized and updated in real time.

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