the spin-off is coming sooner than expected

Amazon Prime Video has good news for fans of The Boys. The first spin-off will land much earlier than we hoped, in just a few weeks.

Season 3 of The Boys is long overdue. Before June 3, when we can find Billy Butcher and his band, Amazon Prime Video has a little surprise for us. The universe will return to our screens next March in the form of a spin-off. Announced in December 2021 by Karl Urban, Diabolical will take the form of an anthology of short stories around new characters, but always with as much blood and gore.

On YouTube, Amazon Prime Video shared the first images. Adopting a style that is reminiscent of that of the Looney Tunes series, we discover Laser Baby. The baby seems to have escaped from a Vought laboratory, and is causing havoc. Exploded heads and a real bloodbath, no doubt, it is indeed a production derived from The Boys.

Eric Kripke at the helm

The creator of the series The Boys will not be far away since he will act as showrunner. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to count on new screenwriters, among the most famous in Hollywood. In addition to Garth Ennis, author of the comics, we will be entitled to a few episodes signed by the hand of Adam Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Awkwafina (Shang Chi), Eliot Glazer (New Girl) or even Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (SuperGrave).

Amazon also has the luxury of recruiting directly from the competition, by calling on Justin Roiland. The dad of rick and morty will script a chapter of this new adventure.

no rule

At the time of the announcement, Eric Kripke had shared some information on the development of this new production. The different creatives have obviously benefited from total freedom, just to pay homage to this completely crazy universe. “We brought together amazing creators, and we gave them one rule: no rule. They blew the limits of the series, delivering eight completely unexpected, funny, shocking, gory and emotional episodes. You thought The Boys was crazy? Wait till you see that”.

See you on March 4 to discover Diabolical. A great way to wait until June and the arrival of The Boys season 3. This new burst of episodes should put the cursor even further, by adapting one of the most irreverent chapters of the license: Herogasm. In this issue, Hughie and his gang infiltrate an annual party where debauchery is the main guest. Organized by Vaugh, this fine game between several members of the Seven will turn sour.

Discover The Boys and Diabolical on Amazon Prime Video

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