The squid game? No: the squid beating

I did not imagine that when I recommended The Squid Game just a couple of days after its premiere, that the Korean series would eventually become a phenomenon of masses of which they are given at a drop throughout a decade. Neither I, nor Netflix, nor anyone, of course, because it is a series of the heap that although it handles a striking premise, it is still a rehash of many things that preceded it and that are much better.

Don’t get me wrong either: The Squid Game not bad. It can be seen and although the pace is excessively slow for the type of story it proposes, it is not a boring series. Or maybe it is for moments, but they are few moments. From there to praise it as I do not know what – I have read everything: that if it criticizes the capitalist system, that if existential reflection … it is that I am leaving – I am not clear at all; if anything, let us acknowledge the success achieved, but nothing more.

I already said in the brief introduction with which I present the featured content in our premieres section VOD news that The Squid Game was “a rehash of a hundred things already seen, but well managed and with its little personal touch«, As well as« to look for some reference, The Squid Game may remind you a bit of the excellent Alice in borderland, without reaching the level of this one. I had seen four chapters when I wrote those lines.

That smiling face perfectly describes the naivete of the series towards the viewer

I am surprised, however, that critics in general have found so much value in a series that, I repeat, it is a well-managed rehash, but rehashed at the end of the day. 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.2 on IMDB … Alice in borderland collects a note in those same sites of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7 on IMDB … and is much higher in everything, except for one detail that may have made a difference in the times in which we live: social criticism is not perceived. some.

I mention Alice in borderland because put to compare The Squid Game with something recent, the Japanese is an obvious antecedent and much better realized: the production design is superior, the premise is more elaborate, the rhythm is much more frenetic and intense … But surely if you have read about The Squid Game these days, and you will have done it because the beating is being important, among other things you will have read lists of similar series among which surely it was Alice in borderland.

I have also read a little of everything about The Squid Game, although after the first week I was no longer past the headline because of the boredom that the subject is giving me. And what’s worse: the recommendation lists are very strange. For example, there are those who recommend movies and series like Train to Busan or Kingdom -The two are very good, by the way- as substitutes for the mere fact of being Korean … and I do not marry anything.

The Squid Game

And it is that the one that you do not see coming, nor is it surprising (that you see coming)

I understand that The Squid Game it’s a tape of survival with dystopian stroke of movies as classic as Pursued Schwarzenegger’s crazy kind of Cube or Saw, Battle Royale, As God Wills… Note that both Korean movies and series are top-notch material, well done and disturbing to a level that The Squid Game it is not even close, and even in the Netflix catalog there are good examples of it, but they are another roll (the aforementioned Kingdom or Sweet home they are two perfect candidates, each in their own style).

In short, The Squid Game It is an entertaining story, with its point, but up to there. The hammering that they are giving everywhere with the series is of an exaggeration that I cannot quite understand, other than by the fact of holding on to the pitch of the moment to drag some traffic, … which could be applied to myself, now that I am writing this. But the truth is that I only do it to vent, to say Enough with the squid beating!

Seriously: there are much better series in all aspects and although I understand that nobody controls what hits the pitch and what does not … it is exhausting. What series are better? Starts with Alice in borderland and you tell me, but I have mentioned others in the article, you can look for them. Plus? On Netflix you have Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker, on Amazon Prime Video The purge… both derived from previous franchises that are not related to everything. The Squid Game, but they maintain a similar essence.

What do you want more squid? All for you…

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