The Squid Game: they launched a cryptocurrency of the successful series and it is all the rage

The Squid Game, the hit series by Netflix which caused a sensation throughout the world, continues to give cloth to cut. The latest novelty regarding the audiovisual released on the streaming platform has to do with a virtual game, related to these macabre challenges, where a specific cryptocurrency is used whose value increased significantly.

Unlike the fiction of Netflix, where participants entered for free and took millions of won, in this version of The Squid Game online, players must pay their membership in a cryptocurrency called Squid (word in English that means squid) and they will win prizes in the same virtual currency.

The competition that has as its axis the history of The Squid Game, will start in November on the website “” and those who wish to participate must pay with the cryptocurrency mentioned above. “The more people who join, the bigger the bag of rewards”, they affirm from the inner circle of the organization. In addition, they detailed that they will take 10% of the total virtual currency, while the last player will keep the rest of the money.

Following the announcement of the launch of the competition based on the series of Netflix, the value of the cryptocurrency it grew abysmally. With a play-to-win mode, in which participants acquire the tokens to participate in virtual competitions, the boom in the game led to the value of the Squid rising more than 60,000%. At first, the price was US $ 0.01, while in recent days it reached US $ 6.27.

However, despite the initial success, the first cryptocurrency-related drawbacks of simulation have already been reported. The Squid Game. Squid buyers were unable to resell their tokens due to a competitor’s own site crash. Official voices maintain that an anti-dumping technology is used that limits the sale of virtual currencies as long as there are not enough purchases in the market.

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