The star novelty of the iPhone 13 could bring battery problems

This function would drain the battery of the iPhone 13

Leading analysts with sources at Apple claim that the iPhone 13, or at least the ‘Pro’ models, would bring the function of displaying the always-on screen. This is not something new on the market if we take into account that there are Android devices that have been incorporating it for several years. In fact, it is not new even in Apple, since the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 already have that function.

Consists in always show items on screen, albeit with a lower brightness. It is not known exactly how it will be, but it is expected that in addition to always allowing you to see the time on the iPhone, elements such as notification icons and even widgets with certain information can be added. This will be possible thanks to LTPO panels that will incorporate the iPhone.

always on iphone 13 concept

These panels allow content to be displayed on the screen permanently with a lower consumption than usual by having only 1 Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen is updated per second, 60 being the usual for iPhones. However, in these models there will also be variations in this rate under normal conditions, since it is expected to increase at 120 Hz.

And how would this feature of Always On Display harm? Well in what will consume more battery. And it is that no matter how little that consumption is, it will always be greater than that of keeping the screen always off. And if we add to this that the 120 Hz being in use also generates greater consumption, users could end up not very satisfied with these developments.

Reasons why it might affect something less

The good news in this regard is that could be deactivated if desired, since it will not be mandatory to have this function. It is also expected that these iPhone 13 incorporate greater capacity in their batteries, which would be added to the fact that Apple processors always manage autonomy very well and taking into account that there will also be advances in the A15 chip.

Be that as it may, these phones have not even been presented, so we will have to wait to have them in hand to be able to see if this increased consumption is met and to what extent it affects. However, the theory marks what we have commented and without the intention of wanting to be water parties, everything indicates that consumption will be higher and could be a jug of cold water for some who eagerly await these characteristics.

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