The Steam Deck for less than 380 euros is a gift that you cannot refuse

Steam Deck celebrates one year since its launch, and the console could not have had a better reception. Valve’s portable device falls in love with everyone who uses it, and that was the reason for the many months of waiting that some users had to endure at its launch. But the stock recovered, and the brand wanted to celebrate its first anniversary with a discount.

Steam Deck with 10% discount

Steam Deck by Valve.

Directly from the Steam store (the only place where you can buy the Steam Deck), you can get the console with a 10% discount. This discount leaves the first model of 64GB with an incredible price of €377.10an amount that also includes the official transport case.

If you are thinking of getting more storage, the 256 GB model remains at 494.10 euroswhile the more advanced 512 GB model with an anti-glare screen amounts to €611.10. Let’s remember that the memory of the 64 GB version is eMMC, while the older sisters use NVMe SSDs.

Change the memory on your own

The good news is that if you have some skill, you can expand the internal memory of the console on your own, and replace the 64 GB module with an NVMe 2230 SSD memory from any manufacturer and get up to 2TB if you propose In any case, you should take into account that this operation invalidates the device’s warranty.

The best console to play wherever you want

Steam Deck

Steam Deck has shown a lot. Its processor and GPU are capable of running high-demand games quite easily, and although in many cases they run at 30 FPS (the most demanding), it is usually a magnificent experience considering that we can play wherever we want.

Its transformable profile with a dock is the perfect combo, since the Linux-based SteamOS system it offers a complete desktop experience, to which adding a wireless keyboard and mouse turns the console into a desktop computer. Obviously the differential point is the offer that Steam offers as a store, where thousands of games at great prices arrive every day to increase the number of titles in your library.

All this set makes the Steam Deck a very difficult machine to reject, and with that price of less than 380 euros it is directly the best device you can buy today to play whatever you want. Of course, the delivery periods have increased from 1 to 2 weeks, so you will have to wait a little longer.

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