The Steam Deck will help you take care of your saves

Valve’s future PC-portable console hybrid will be entitled to its own cloud backup system so you don’t lose a crumb of your progress, regardless of the platform.

The fateful release date of the Steam Deck is fast approaching. Before this highly anticipated deadline, Valve continues to distill the latest information and news on its machine; we learn today via Eurogamer that the portable PC-console hybrid will benefit from a dynamic cloud save system.

This inclusion is based on a very simple observation. When users play on a portable console, they tend to stop it before even thinking about saving. The kind of careless mistake that has already cost many cherubs dearly during the heyday of the Game Boy…

To make life easier for all players (and perhaps to prevent the most epidermal of them from spending their nerves on the machine), the Steam Deck will therefore regularly make backups during the game. These will be posted directly in the Steam Cloud that we already know on PC. They will then be downloaded automatically as soon as the Deck is powered up again.

Seamless transition between different platforms

This feature is not just convenient as such; it will also ensure the fluidity of the transition between the Steam Deck and another platform, which is one of its main arguments.

Without Dynamic Cloud Sync, Steam will continue to monitor gameplay to know when a change is worth saving.”, specifies Valve. But everything changes if a user interrupts his game abruptly. If he tries to resume it on another device, he will miss the last save. The system will suggest that they return to the SteamDeck to retrieve the most up-to-date version.

This is therefore additional good news, after the announcement of the first titles optimized specifically for the Steam Deck. We are already looking forward to next month to get to know the beast; it could put a well-deserved sweep in a very moribund mobile ecosystem, where only the Nintendo Switch manages to hold its own today.

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