The Steam Deck will offer great fluidity in the game thanks to AMD’s FSR technology

The Steam Deck, the new console from Valve, will offer great fluidity in the game thanks to AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. The technology will be fully supported by Steam OS and can therefore theoretically work on all games.

The Steam Deck will be compatible with AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology. Thus, the supported titles will run smoothly on the machine. The others will be entitled to this treatment in a future update.

The FSR is directly supported by Steam OS. This means thatthere will be no need for manipulation or activate an option for players. However, if they decide to install Windows on their portable console, they will be deprived of this technology.

Steam OS relies on fluidity

FidelityFX Super Resolution is roughly the equivalent of DLSS from Nvidia, better known. Compatible games feature resolution scaling to better fit your display. Clearly, this gives a finer image than it really is (giving the impression of better definition), but also more fluid. A perfect technology for a Steam Deck that does not necessarily rely on power. In theory, all games will run smoothly, even when using the native 1200 x 800 display.

The big strength of FidelityFX Super Resolution over Nvidia’s DLSS is that it works with any graphics card. In short, a strong argument for the console that will allow it to keep its promise: run all major PC games properly of the platform.

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As a reminder, the Steam Deck is a portable console from Valve that uses the format of the Switch. It will allow access to its Steam library and continue on the small screen your games started on PC and vice versa.

The Steam Deck is scheduled to release on February 25. However, not everyone who wants it will be able to get it because of the shortage of semiconductors. Only those who have pre-ordered it will be able to enjoy it. Several models are offered and the starting price is set at 419 euros. The most expensive version costs 679 euros.

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